BBQ & Community Beautification Wrap-Up Report

On June 17th The Share Necessities and local allies gathered together at the Next Level CommUNITY Center in the spirit of community bonding, service and education. The center located in South Central Los Angeles, is a well-known food desert making it difficult for working families and children to have access to clean and healthy food options.
This month, the Share Necessities decided to focus on lessening the burden for those in the community by creating new partnerships with locally sourced organic farms that grow food within the community for the community. In our continued efforts we are looking into how to bring workshops and skillsets to the people who enter our doors as well as create a more sustainable health and wellness culture for our youth and young adults.
To that end, we hosted a commUNITY beautification, conscious beats and barbeque event that was free to all who attended. It brought together various communities under one initiative – to elevate food consciousness and the process behind it.

Working hard and planting flowers in front of the center.

Working hard and planting flowers in front of the center.

We estimated a turnout of 175 people supporting our event including our vendors, SOLA Food Co-Op and Angeles Mesa Library. Throughout the day in addition to the gardening activities there was body painting, dancing and children signing up for library cards for the first time.
Inside the SweetBeatsLA music truck.

Inside the SweetBeatsLA music truck.

Thanks to our sponsor The Home Depot, we were able to add more 8ft X 3ft. garden boxes and two flower beds to our urban gardens that stretch down the city block on W. 54th St. Our efforts garnered the attention and praise from the Mayor Garcetti’s Senior Director of Gang Reduction & Youth Development Nason Buchanan, who deemed the project,”refreshing and highly needed.”
Our community Home Depot workers who helped make the magic happen.

Our community Home Depot workers who helped make the magic happen.

While our collaborative project had an immediate benefit there is still a need for support financially to sustain our initiative.
Moving forward Share Necessities would like to raise $5K over the month of July for our Food4Life program. Under this program we would be able to continue to fund events like this that are free to the community as well as provide healthy food options to low-income families with children. A contribution of $60 will sponsor a household with a healthy assortment of fruits and vegetables.
In poor urban neighborhoods, symptoms of hunger and malnutrition pervade the lives of those that live there; the education, healthcare, living conditions, and job attrition.
If we care about the future, and the potential that the youth bring we must improve the resources and opportunities available.
Food and community are things that nourish us, may we together work towards developing the conditions for both, for all people everywhere.
If our message resonates and inspires you, or simply, if this post made you smile please feel free donate to the Share Necessities, so that we may continue to bring these events and opportunities to the Next Level youth and Community.

Don’t miss our short video of the event on YouTube!

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