Arjuna Paris O’Neal is #WhatAYogiLooksLike – Yoga International

This is the fifth individual spotlight in series 3 of the “This Is What a Yogi Looks Like” (#whatayogilookslike) media series, a collaboration between the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and Yoga International based on the YBIC campaign that launched in 2014 and their continued work in challenging stereotypes, growing community, working collaboratively, and highlighting the diversity of yoga practitioners and yoga practices, as well as their staunch commitment to diversifying yoga media. Read Full Article

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The Back-to-School Necessities Drive is Back!

More than 15 million children in the United States live in extreme poverty. Add to that the approximately 13,794 identified students within LA Unified School District who are homeless. As a partner of the The Los Angeles Unified School District Homeless Education Program, the Share Necessities is part of the solution. Helping to alleviate the burden on already struggling families & educators our back to school drive gets kids ready for school with the essentials they need to succeed. By partnering with select community allies throughout the city of Los Angeles, our ...

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BBQ & Community Beautification Wrap-Up Report

On June 17th The Share Necessities and local allies gathered together at the Next Level CommUNITY Center in the spirit of community bonding, service and education. The center located in South Central Los Angeles, is a well-known food desert making it difficult for working families and children to have access to clean and healthy food options. This month, the Share Necessities decided to focus on lessening the burden for those in the community by creating new partnerships with locally sourced organic farms that grow food within the community for the community. In our ...

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SHARE School Necessities Program

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